Drug Lords of Bolivia - Banned by YouTube 

Irv Rosenfeld - US Government supplies him with 300 Joints per month

Ethan Nadelmann - Director, Drug Policy Alliance

Rick Steves Smokes Pot - Author & PBS Host

Cannabis Dispensary Info (Pt 3) Dr. Mitch Earleywine & Rebecca Saltzman

Cannabis Dispensary Info (Pt 2) Jeff Jones, Steve Dillion & Judge James Gray

Cannabis Dispensary Info (Pt 1) Atty James Anthony & Cliff Schaffer

DEA Bust of Cannabis Dispensary in L.A.


Prohibition is EVIL!    (From 2007 Seattle Hempfest)

Townhall Meeting on Discriminatory Drug Laws - Crack Vs Powder Cocaine Pt1

Townhall Meeting on Discriminatory Drug Laws - Crack Vs Powder Cocaine Pt2


"Are We winning the war on drugs?

Houston Community College Hosts A Distinguished Panel of Experts: Stan Furce, Dir. High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Marcia Baker, Dir. Houstonís Phoenix House and Dean Becker, creator Drug Truth Network & member Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  

(VIEW 1 Hour "Are We Winning" REAL File... )  

Download 1 Hr File: drugtruth/video/arewewinning.rm

3 professional cameras, digital editing, broadcast quality... panel & audience Q&A!  (59.07)

READY FOR YOUR ACCESS CHANNEL!  Contact dean@drugtruth.net

PANEL Clip from You Tube (5:56)

YouTube Question for Republican Candidates  (0:30)


Teresa Aviles of November Coalition  (9:45)

Aaron Dixon of Center House in Seattle  (5:55)

Nora Callahan of November Coalition at US Social Forum (9:57)


Lacee Harris-Indian Walk In Center, Utah 6:55

Terry Evans-Positive Health Project 9:39 

Lorenzo Jones-Meth Conference "A Better Way" 5.29 

D.L. Scott - Project Neon: "Strength Over Speed" 8:30

DTN Host-Rev Dean Becker Preaches in Galveston  36:18

Howard Woodridge & Mike Gray at SSDP  6:15


Rick Doblin, president MAPS.org (1 of 2) 9:33

Rick Doblin, president MAPS.org (2 of 2) 9:46


Deborah Peterson Small of BreakChains.Org 8:53

LEAP and DTN Reports: NAADPC in D.C. - Judge Arthur Burnett, Kurt Schmoke, Howard Wooldridge 9:25

Lynn Paltrow, Director of Advocates for Pregnant Women Discusses Methamphetamine Hysteria 9:49

Sanho Tree of Institute for Policy Studies On Plan Colombia, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Convention   9:59

Tommy Chong - Century of Lies - REAL Video 27:00

Tommy Chong (You Tube) 5.27

Marijuana & the Free Radicals - With Dr. Robert Melamede


"Counter Culture or Positive Culture"


(Click Here to View  57.15)

Recorded at 2006 Seattle HempFest

Features John Sinclair, Mason Tvert, Phil Smith, Vivian McPeak, Norm Stamper, Carla Cole, David Guard, Eddy Lepp, "Un Gallo", Elvy Musika, Steve Kubby, Allen St. Pierre, Sandy Burbank, Randy Rhodes, Ethan Nadelmann, Peter Steinbrueck, Angel Raich and hosted by Dean Becker


Drug Truth VIDEO #1 

Featuring Jack Cole - Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition   Video Link


Jack Cole (L) + Host Dean Becker (R)

* * *

Jack Cole Debates US Attorney


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