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Guest: 12/26/07 Year 2007 in review, via 4:20 Drug War News Reports 2/2   MP3

12/19/07 UN Drug Czar: Antonio Maria Costa + responses from: Norm Stamper of LEAP, & Wash. State Rep Roger Goodman   MP3

 12/12/07 NEW ORLEANS: DPA drug conference panel (2/2) with Norris Henderson, Else Pederson-Wasson, Judge Calvin Johnson + Nora Callahan re Sentencing & remembrance of Michael Paul Phillips     MP3

12/05/07 Bob Doran, reporter for North Coast Journal, LEAP member Judge Jerry Paradis, PTSD story from ABC, Bruce Mirken of MPP     MP3

11/28/07 Roger Goodman, Wash State Rep + Poppygate & Corrupt Cop Story      MP3

 11/21/07 Dr. David Bearman speaks to Wisc. Med School  1/2 + Bil Piper of DPA & Poppygate  MP3

11/14/07 Karen Garrison, mother of two sons in Fed prison on mandatory minimums of 15 and 19 years + Marc Mauer of Sentencing Project    MP3

11/07/07 Bruce Mirken, Marijuana Policy Project, Debate: DEA's Dr. David Murray & Dr. Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance + Ron & Nancy Reagan    MP3

10/31/07 Eric Sterling of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, Dr. Rick Doblin of MAPS and Drug War Facts  MP3

10/24/07 Marc Emery, publisher Cannabis Culture Magazine,& star of new movie: Prince of Pot - US vs. Marc Emery     MP3

 10/17/07 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Busts:  Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Judge James P. Gray, Rick Steves, Doug McVay, Rob Kampia, Rebecca Saltzman, Ethan Nadelmann, James Anthony, Cliff Shaffer, Phil Smith & Poppygate   MP3

10/10/07 Celebrating 6 Years of Drug Truth, Mike Smithson  LEAP, Kevin Zeese, Bruce Mirken + Canadas PM, Marc Emery, Poppygate & more!  MP3

10/03/07 Dr. Joel Hochman, Pres of Pain Care + Poppygate   MP3 



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Century Of Lies PODCAST


12/25/07 Year 2007 in review, via 4:20 Drug War News Reports   MP3

12/18/07 DPA Drug Conference Panel III, Ethan Nadelmann of DPA,  Deborah Chapman, Katelyn Padgett, Dr. Carl Hartt, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Drug War Facts, Matt Elrod & Drug War "Carols   MP3

12/11/07 NEW ORLEANS: DPA drug conference panel with Norris Henderson, Jacquelyn Smith, Tyrone Smith, Cory Turner & Mike Jones a LEAP speaker     MP3

12/04/07 Judge Jerry Paradis, LEAP speaker & CBC's Divine Vegetal: Ayahuasca  MP3 

11/27/07 Dr. David Bearman speaks to Wisc. Med School 2/2 + Drug War Facts   MP3

11/20/07 Med Marijuana to Senior Citizens, "Flushing Kids Down the Toilet" +  Drug War Facts   MP3

11/13/07 Jerry Epstein, founding member of Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Drug War Facts   MP3

11/06/07 Philppe Lucas, Vancouver Island Compassion Society + Drew Carey,  Drug War Facts    MP3

10/30/07 Phil Smith of StopTheDrugWar + Poppygate  MP3

10/23/07 TOMMY CHONG! @ NORML Conference + Drug War Facts & Poppygate  MP3

10/16/07 NORML Conference Special:  Rick Steves, Doug McVay, Jeff Jones, Rob Kampia, Steve Dillon, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Dr. Tom O'Connel, Mathew Robinson & Rebecca Saltzman  MP3 

10/09/07 Chris Goldstein of NORML  "PotCasts" + Drug War Facts    MP3

10/02/07 Cliff Schaffer of + Drug War Facts   MP3


DEBATE:  Between Jack Cole, Dir. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition &

US Attorney Eric Melgren  VIDEO LINK


The Impact of the Drug War on the African-American Community

Pt 1 Deborah Small of & Ex Warden Rich Watkins, 29:00 MP3

Pt 2 Cliff Thornton of, Author L.V. Gaither & Phil Jackson  MP3


90 Minute Special:  The Mind-Body  Connection 

The 4th National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics 

(3) 29:00 MP3's:  The Doctors      The Nurses      The Patients 


 US Rep. John Conyers & DTN Reporter Dean Becker: "What will it take, to motive?" MP3 

The Drug Truth Network (DTN) is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs.” We invite you to share DTN’s “unvarnished truth about the drug war,” through our innovative radio programming, including Century of Lies, Cultural Baggage and 4:20 Drug War News.  (100 + programs featuring judges, congressmen, scientists & various drug reform experts, in MP3 and REAL format here)


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