The Unvarnished Truth

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Unvarnished Truth # 7

CANNABIS THERAPEUTICS IN D.C.: Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, Elvy Musika who gets 300 joints each month from the DEA, Dr. Jeff Hergenrther re cannabis use for Crohns disease, Dr. Robert Melamede Pres of Cannabis Science + Doug McVay with Drug War Facts.

Unvarnished Truth #6

Reports from Wash DC & Natl Medical Cannabis Unity Conference: Philippe Lucas of Vancouver Island Compassion Society, BIll Piper of Drug Policy Alliance, Gar Roberts a Maryland acitivist, Howard Wooldridge of Citizens Opposing Prohibition, Amy Rising of Iraq Vets against the war, Michael Krawitz of Vets for Med Cannabis, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, Aaron Justice of "Buds and Roses", Dr. David Bearman, Mimi Friedman of Colorado Patients Group + clips from major media.

Unvarnished Truth #5

Great reports from ASA cannabis conference in Wash DC + major media clips. Featuring DTN host Dean Becker, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Aaron Houston of SSDP, Aaron Prausk of Canadian Assoc of Cannabis Dispensaries, Michael McGuffen of Amer Herbal Products, look at a Seatle MJ Super Store, R.I. Dispensary opening, Rabbi Kahn to open Tacoma Wellness Center in Wash DC, Daisy Brahn needs her children, Bloomberg: coders and programmers need MJ, traveler nixes border patrol intrusion, Diane Fornbacher publisher of LadyBud magazine, Melissa Fultz re Ark MJ efffort, Jeff Jones chancelor of Oaksterdam Univ, Neill Franklind Exec Dir LEAP & Valerie Corral Dir of WAMM

Unvarnished Truth #4

Unvarnished Truth: Russ Jones a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition joins UT host Dean Becker. Additional videos from around the continent re failure of drug war.

Unvarnished Truth #3

Unvarnished Truth: Good, Bad and Ugly NEWS about the drug war. Segments from around the world, with in house reports from Dean Becker and Doug McVay. Report on Harris County TX DA's hard core stance on minor amounts of drugs, Chicago Prohibition & much more!

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar