The Unvarnished Truth

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Unvarnished Truth #12

Correspondent Dean Becker, Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Wertmueller co authors of Mystic Chemist, Andrew Feldmar, Fred a MAPS volunteer, Prof Tom Kingsley Brown, Dr.James Fadiman, Dr. David Nichols, Lawrence O'Donnel clip & Dr. Ben Sessa.

Unvarnished Truth #11

Features Mike Hyde, Judge James Gray, Doug McVay with Drug War Facts, Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, A Clockwork Red, Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence & Keith Stroup of NORML.

Unvarnished Truth #10

Psychedelic Science 2013: Brad Burge of MAPS, Prof Charles Grob, Nurse Maria Manjini, Diana Slatterly, A Clockwork RED, Steven Gutwillig of DPA, Bill Maher clip & interview with Tommy Chong.

Unvarnished Truth #9

Host Dean Becker interviews Neill Franklin Dir of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Nuvo Kapaz Portugese Drug Commissioner, Swiss scientist Dr. Peter Gasser, Kendrick Speagle Dir of Salubrity Health Center, Aaron Houston Dir of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Bill Rosendahl LA city councilman, reports: Med marijuana inWash DC, NY Times: Crack Baby Scare a lie, A Clockwork RED, Cannabus comes to Houston & Bourbon & Schwartz: "Weed at WalMart"

Unvarnished Truth #8

Interviews with Ann Lee founder of Republcans Against Marijuana Prohibition, Denise Cullen of Broken No More, Gretchen Burns Bergman of A New Path, Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence, Ben Jealous Pres of NAACP + a tribute to passing of Mike Gray author of Drug Crazy

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar