Voodoo Dolls


We will custom build with ANY IMAGE for $50 service charge, then regular pricing.

(It's a nice way to remember the "Ex" or Roast the Boss!)

Deep in the Bush Voodoo dolls are hand made by zombies deep underground.

Call: 281-752-9198, email: voodoo@unvarnishedtruth.org

A portion of proceeds benefits KPFT, Pacifica Radio and Houston NORML.

NOTE TO RETAILERS: We offer the Clinton voodoo doll in an effort to be fair to Bush. To be fair to you, we warn you that the Bush doll will likely sell 10 times faster in the US.

Each doll packaged with instructions from Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau & a starter set of 3 pins.

WARNING: These are representations of our most revered public officials. Do not take lightly the possibility that any chants, threats, curses, incantations or insertion of pins will inflict real harm. Those who have done you wrong may encounter a power they know nothing about and are ill equipped to deal with. They start to question themselves and become powerless. Be advised that for hundreds of years, practitioners of various religions have acclaimed voodoo against one’s enemies to be a great success.
Namesort iconPrice
Dick Cheney$10.00
Donald Rumsfeld$10.00
Drug Warrior$10.00
G.W. Bush (With Tie)$10.00
G.W. Bush in Flight Suit$10.00

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar