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04/18/10 - Dean Becker

Sun - NPR extract: Problems on Tex/Mex border

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04/18/10 - Rick Doblin

Report from Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, from San Jose California, featuring Dr. Rick Doblin, Robert Jesse, Dr. Charles Grob, Dr. Alicia Danforth + Earth & Fire Erowid

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04/18/10 - Lady Neidpath

Psychedelic Conf II: Lady Neidpath of Beckley Foundation, Jan Freel of Alternet, Sharon North of KZFR, Georgina Ramirez El Paso Nurse, Dr. Mosso Shreki of Jordan, Dr Charles Jenks of Toronto, Dr. Franz Vollenweider of Zurich, Christopher Peza of SSDP, Dr. Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins

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Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar