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01/12/14 Lance Findley

Sun - Clay Jones services with his sister Cynthia and friend Lance Findley

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01/12/14 Pepe Rivera

Pepe Rivera, photographer/reporter from Los Cabos Mexico re townspeople uprising against cartels and cops, Mike Allen re End Mass Incarceration participation in MLK march, Joy Strickland of Mothers Against Teen Violence re Jan 17 & 18 drug war conf in Dallas & Doug McVay report on racial disparity in drug war

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01/12/14 Maria McFarland

Maria McFarland Deputy Director, US Program for Human Rights Watch, Doug McVay report on racial disparity in drug war, John Stewart V. Bill OReilly & tour de force from Jodie Emery on Canada's Sun TV

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar