04/30/17 Paul Armentano

Sun - Paul Armentano of National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws 2/2

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/29/17 Phil Smith

Sat - Phil Smith of

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/28/17 Deborah Small

Fri - Deborah Small at Drug Policy Alliance Conf in Atlanta

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/27/17 Susan Burton

Thu - Susan Burton, author of "Becoming Ms Burton - From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women"

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/26/17 Norm Stamper

Wed - Norm Stamper former Police Chief of Seattle, now speaker for LEAP

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/25/17 Glenn Muse

Tue - Glenn Muse re harms of synthetic "marijuana"

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/24/17 Paul Armentano

Mon - Paul Armentano, Dep Dir of National NORML

3:00 minutes (1.38 MB)

04/23/17 David Bradford

This week: Professor David Bradford on his research that show billions of dollars and countless lives are saved in the US because of medical marijuana, and we look at the Secretary of Homeland Security, Marine General (Ret.) John Kelly.

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

04/21/17 Paul Armentano

Paul Armentano, Dep Dir of NORML, report on Canada attempt to legalize, Glenn Muse re problems with synthetic "weed" in Texas, former Police Chief of Seattle Norm Stamper, Phil Smith of

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

04/23/17 Dean Becker

Sun - Illinois to legalize? Sheriff warning to "RUN"!

3:00 minutes (1.37 MB)

Dean Becker Wants YOU to Call the Drug Czar

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